S.t Michael’s hospice

On Thursday 13th of February we had Mad Hair Day to raise money for s.t Michael’s hospice. Here is a link to s.t Michael’s hospice’s website:


By Amelia


Castle Hill Infant School link

Here is a link for Castle Hill Infant School’s Council blog. Their blog has two video’s to show when Castle Hill Infants visited us and when our school visited Castle Hill Infants:


Amelia Newin (school councillor and blogger)

Videoing learning walks

Mrs Tucker met a man called Mr Pimm and he works for the Hampshire County council. On the 25th of March Castle Hill Infant school are visiting our school again. Mr Pimm is going to professionally video us on our learning walk with Castle Hill Infant School. This video is going to go on our website or we can teach other schools about School Council and what we do.

Reported by Amelia Newin (school councillor and blogger)

The RRR Digital Media Award

Last year, we entered a competition called the Digital Media Award. We had to create an RRR animation, a power point or video and more! Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we were runners up. Furthermore, we are going to enter the competition again which is this year. We are exited about how it goes and what we create!
By Amelia Newin (school councillor and blogger)

New healthy eating chart

School council have designed a new healthy eating chart and we have decided to put it up in the hall. Classes will be rewarded for healthy choices at lunch time. Which class will have the most healthy eating? Please help us to eat healthier and it would be nice to support your class in healthy eating.

By Amelia Newin blogger/school councillor


Castle Hill Infant school visit

0n Wednesday 4th December 2013 Castle Hill Infant School visited our school. They went on some learning walks and after they talked about what should be improved about this school like putting things in the bin,putting books away and using manners and what the positive, respectful things about Fairfields as well. We hope that we could work with them again next term.

By Amelia Newin (school councillor)

Our Visit to Castle Hill Infants

We had a successful visit to Castle Hill Infants yesterday and enjoyed doing learning walks to find out about RRR in action!  On the playground we looked for pupils and adults using respectful language, children taking responsibility for tidying up after themselves and how children came in at the end of lunchtime. Back in school we looked for signs of RRR on displays as we walked around. We are looking forward to them visiting us next Wednesday 4th December, when they will find out about RRR at Fairfields!

Visit to Castle Hill Infants

Some members of School Council are going to visit Castle Hill Infants next Monday. They are going to meet their School Council and have lunch with them. Then they are going to do a learning walk around the school to find out all about the school’s work on rights and responsibilities. We will blog again soon to let you know all about the visit!

Class Charter Competition

Every year each class make a class charter of what rights and responsibilities they agreed to follow.

They first choose the rights and responsibilities they want to put on it . Next they choose the theme and how they are going to show the rights and responsibilities. Afterwards they get creating the charter.

The classes themes were :

FS: Super heroes

1C: Sunflowers in a garden 1M: Knights and princess

2H: racing cars 2JD: Super Mario

3F: Starwars 3M: Disney Infinity

4T: Pirates 4R: Smurfs

5S: Minecraft 5W: Haribo gummy bears

6P: Football 6W: Football

Finally there was a competition to see which class  had the best charter out of the whole school. School council did a learning walk to see whether they had; clear rights, bold colours, that it was designed by the children and that they had all signed/made an agreement.

The winners this year were: 6W,4T, 2JD and 1M. Well done!