Day For Change


On Day For Change, we went round different classes to do different activities.
Here is a list of things that some years did:

Year 5 and 6:
Geography in 5S
Art in 6W
Filming in 6P
ICT with Mrs Walton
(year 5 only did three activities as they where doing a test)

Year 3 and 4:
Tent building in 4R
Oil pastel drawing in 3M
Geography in 4T
Drama in 3F

Year 1, Year 2 and FS:
Art in FS1
Dance with Miss Holbrook in the hall
Writing letters in 2JD
Drama in 2H
Posters in FS2
Construction in 1C

We also had non-uniform day we had to donate at lest £1 each to be in non-uniform. We raised £280!

By Amelia Newin


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