Basingstoke Schools RRR Event

On Monday 9th June, 8 schools in Basingstoke gathered together at Oakley Infants School for a special RRR event. It was based around this year’s Day for Change key right ‘ the right to education’ (Article 28). We began by thinking about what we ‘want’ and ‘need’ to tget this right. Each school taught another school a special talent as they took on the role as teachers for the afternoon. The children taught skills such as origami, sign language, violin playing and dancing from another country (Ghana). Fairfields RRR ambassadors taught others how to juggle and how to draw a dolphin!


Day For Change


On Day For Change, we went round different classes to do different activities.
Here is a list of things that some years did:

Year 5 and 6:
Geography in 5S
Art in 6W
Filming in 6P
ICT with Mrs Walton
(year 5 only did three activities as they where doing a test)

Year 3 and 4:
Tent building in 4R
Oil pastel drawing in 3M
Geography in 4T
Drama in 3F

Year 1, Year 2 and FS:
Art in FS1
Dance with Miss Holbrook in the hall
Writing letters in 2JD
Drama in 2H
Posters in FS2
Construction in 1C

We also had non-uniform day we had to donate at lest £1 each to be in non-uniform. We raised £280!

By Amelia Newin