Castle Hill Infant School link

Here is a link for Castle Hill Infant School’s Council blog. Their blog has two video’s to show when Castle Hill Infants visited us and when our school visited Castle Hill Infants:

Amelia Newin (school councillor and blogger)

Videoing learning walks

Mrs Tucker met a man called Mr Pimm and he works for the Hampshire County council. On the 25th of March Castle Hill Infant school are visiting our school again. Mr Pimm is going to professionally video us on our learning walk with Castle Hill Infant School. This video is going to go on our website or we can teach other schools about School Council and what we do.

Reported by Amelia Newin (school councillor and blogger)

The RRR Digital Media Award

Last year, we entered a competition called the Digital Media Award. We had to create an RRR animation, a power point or video and more! Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we were runners up. Furthermore, we are going to enter the competition again which is this year. We are exited about how it goes and what we create!
By Amelia Newin (school councillor and blogger)